Zoho IMAP Settings

Zoho Mail is the service that has made our life easier with the help of exchanging messages and has made communication easy and better. Zoho Mail is very easy to use and one can add multiple users at the same time and not to forget it provides adequate inbox space for each and every user. Let’s see how to easily setup and use Zoho mail IMAP server settings in this article.

How to Setup Zoho Mail IMAP Server Settings

If you wish to use Zoho mail it can be accessed through IMAP. In order to set up and enable IMAP server settings in Zoho Mail, please take the actions as below

  • Please Log in to Zoho Mail
  • Click on Settings
  • Look for the option Mail Accounts and then click on Configure IMAP
  • Now under this look for the option IMAP Access box
  • Configure Auto –Expunge and Folder Settings

Zoho Mail IMAP Server Details

Incoming Server Settings – For personal users with an email address, username@zoho.com

  • Incoming Server name – imappro.zoho.in
  • Port-993
  • Require SSL- Yes
  • Username – username@zoho.com

Incoming Server Settings – For organizational use which will have a domain-based email address as you@yourdomain.com

  • Incoming Server name – imappro.zoho.in
  • Port -993
  • Required SSL – yes
  • Username – you@yourdomain.com

Outgoing Server Settings

  • Outgoing Server name –smtp.zoho.in
  • Port-465 with SSL, OR
  • Port -587withTLS
  • Required Authentication – yes

Details to be entered as

  • User Name– One will be required to either enter Zoho username or the complete Zoho mail address and if your domain is with Zoho then enter in the format you@youdomain.com
  • Email Address – You will be required to enter the email address in the format you@yourdomail.com
  • Password – One will be required to enter the account password

Folder View Settings for IMAP – It is always advisable that the folders are well-sorted and one can even synchronize with IMAP by taking the steps as

  • Login on Zoho Mail
  • Click on Settings
  • Hit on mail accounts and click on IMAP Access
  • Now under the section of IMAP Access click on launch folder settings now
  • Do select the folders which you would like to see in IMAP clients

Expunge Options IMAP– It comes handy when you delete or move any folder in IMAP client in that the email will be moved basis of the setting of IMAP and to make the changes happen immediately one will be required to enable Expunge option by taking the steps as

  • Ensure that you are logged in to Zoho Mail
  • Click on settings
  • Hit on Mail accounts and then configure IMAP
  • In IMAP section, do select the option which you prefer Expunge option for IMAP

Check Auto – Expunge Mails this will ensure that when you delete o rather move emails in IMAP client it will remove messages from the Zoho mail server.

Uncheck Auto – Expunge Mails- this will not let you remove the emails until and unless it is manually expunged from the IMAP client.


By taking the steps above one will be able to set up Zoho IMAP and use the services as sending and receiving of the emails, in case if one feels the need to take help can reach out to the community or the expert.

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