Yubico Security Key

The scope of the digital world has become bigger and we are virtually present at more places than we physically do in the real world. Everything seems to be very easy in the digital world, but if you miss something here, then you also have to bear the loss. Your safety is very important here, like your password, your username, etc. should be very secure so that your account will be safe. By the way, if you want to increase the security of your account so that not everyone can access it, then you can use the Yubico security key.

What is the Yubico Security Key?

Yubico security key is a type of output device that is used for security purposes and because of this, your account can be kept secure to a good extent. It is used as a password, suppose you log in to your Facebook account, now you will be asked for a password in it. So instead of this password, you have to use the Yubico security key and your account will be logged in.

Yubico security key was first introduced in 2017 and at that time it was introduced for the android operating system which had a USB Type C. In this, all you have to do is set an OTP i.e. One Time Password and after that, you do not need to enter the password every time you log in. All you have to do is install Yubico Key and you’re done

The Yubico Key looks like a Pen Drive and you can use it for both mobile and computer. With the help of these, you can secure many accounts that are supported by Yubico. You can buy it online or offline from anywhere.

How Does Yubico Account Security Key Work?

To use the Yubico security key, you have to make some changes in the account settings. Whenever you log in an account, you are asked about two-step verification. So you create your first password for your account and second you can create it through Yubico Key. In this, your second verification password is stored. After this, whenever you log in to that account and press the button on the Yubico key with the Yubico security key, the account is automatically verified by the second step and login.

Which Websites does Yubico Security Key Support?

Bitbucket, Compose, Dashlane, Digidentity / GOV.UK Verify, Dropbox, Facebook (Chrome and Opera only), Fastmail, Google (Chrome only), GitLab, GitHub (Chrome and Opera only), Kraken (Bitcoin Exchange), LastPass, MacOS 10.12 Sierra (and above), Mailbox.Org, Micro Focus, Nextcloud, Okta, Password Safe, Salesforce, Sentry, Thexyz, Vanguard, Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM), Posteo, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and later Servers, and Microsoft Windows 7 and later operating systems, KeePass, KeePassXC.

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How to Use Yubico Security Key on Facebook?

It is very easy to install the Yubico security key on Facebook. For this, you should have either Google Chrome or Opera browser. Login to Facebook from these browsers and go to settings and follow the following procedure.

  • First, go to the setting of Facebook.
  • Click on Security and Login in Facebook Setting
  • In the Security and Login option, you will see a two-step verification option, click on it.
  • In two-step verification, you will see the option to edit, click on it.
  • In the Edit option, the Security Key option will appear on your bottom side, click on it.
  • After this, click on the Add key and put the Yubico security key in the USB port and as soon as you press the Yubico key, the light will start burning on it, you have to click on that light.
  • When you click on the light, you will be asked for a password in which you can give any password. After this, you have to set your Yubico key and then you can log in and see it.
  • When you log in again, you have to enter your password first, after which you will be asked for the Yubico security key, then you have to press the button and your login is done.

How to Use Yubico Security Key in Gmail?

  • To install the Yubico key in Gmail, first of all, you have to log in to your Gmail id.
  • After login Gmail ID, you will see your profile, click on it, click on Google account in it.
  • Here you will see some options, among them you have to click on Security.
  • After clicking on Security, you click on Two-step verification.
  • Here you will be asked for your password and enter it and log in.
  • After this, verification will be done by sending OTP to your mobile, that too you have to do.
  • After both these verification, you will see some options for two-step verification. In these, there will be an option in the name of the Security key on which you have to click.
  • Now you will be asked whether you have a security key or not. If you have a security key, click Next.
  • After this, you will be asked to put your Yubico security key on the computer.
  • When applied, the light in Yubico Key will light up. After the light is lit, you press the button in the Yubico key
  • After pressing the button, you will be asked for the password. Here you have to set the password.
  • After saving it, you can log in through this Yubico security key

So this way you can use the Yubico security key. It is usually used for two-step verification only. Through this, you can make your account even more secure. Although not everyone uses it, if security is more important for your work or account, then you must definitely use the Yubico key.