Yahoo Account Not Sending Emails. How to fix it?

You have opened the right page if you are experiencing trouble in sending or receiving emails from your Yahoo! account. We will be discussing the possible troubleshooting practices for email sending issues, and then we will discuss the methods for troubleshooting the email receiving issues. Configuring the right POP/IMAP settings for Yahoo Mail is necessary for you if you are using Yahoo! Mail with an email client such as Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird. So, first, verify the server settings before you try the mentioned troubleshooting steps for Yahoo! Mail not sending emails.

Yahoo Not Sending Emails iPhone

  1. If you are facing a problem in sending emails from your Yahoo! account, the first thing you need to ensure is that your Yahoo! Mail is connected to the internet. A weaker connection can cause trouble in sending emails. Also, make sure that the issue is not from Yahoo Mail’s end.
  2. A corrupted file can also cause such issues. If you think that you are facing the problem due to a corrupted file or a set of files, re-install the Yahoo Mail app and fix the issue. To re-install it, you first need to uninstall the app.
  3. Are you sending an email with an attachment that is larger than 25 MB? However, a larger email size could invite Yahoo! not to send emails on the iPhone problem for you. Yahoo! management doesn’t allow the email account users to send attachments larger than 25 MB. So, try to compress the file size that is needed to be attached. Now send the same email with the compressed attachment.
  4. Check the sent folder. If you find the concerned email there, it has been successfully sent.
  5. Request the person to check his/her spam folder. Plus, ensure that the person has mistakenly blocked your address. If so, send an email to any other person.
  6. Another thing is to check whether you have entered the correct address in the TO field. The sent email will bounce back if you have not entered the correct address.

Yahoo Not Sending Emails With Attachments

  • Yahoo not sending emails with attachments? The verification of the Yahoo! mail account settings is the first thing we would like to suggest in this regard. Check your spam folder to verify that the email was not mismarked as spam. Also, verify that you have not blocked the email address of that particular address or address. The reply to the address should be blank. It is also important for you to check whether the emails are going routed to some other folder. You can do this by checking the filters in your account.
  • Verify the email account for any failures. You can do this by sending an email to yourself. Report it if you are getting an error! If you did not find any such error, then the email is probably working fine.
  • Also, request the sender to check whether your address is entered correctly. If everything is right and still you are not receiving emails, talk to the technical support engineers associated with Yahoo.