Yahoo Account Recovery

Yahoo is a free web-based email service and one of the oldest in the market. People long ago created a Yahoo mail account and they still use the same account. Yahoo mail can be used to send and receive emails over the internet. You just need to create a Yahoo mail account for which you need to follow simple steps. You can use Yahoo mail on any device such as laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. On each device, you can log in with the same Yahoo mail account and do the work of sending and receiving emails. When you create a Yahoo account you are asked to enter a unique username and a password. Later on this username and password act as login credentials. But if you forget your password you cannot log in to the same account. Now in such a situation, you can go for Yahoo account recover or Yahoo password recovery process. Yahoo account recovery means that you need to prove to the Yahoo that account in question belongs to you for which you need to follow a process.

How to Recover Yahoo Account Password

Now, the question is how to recover the Yahoo account password? Well, Yahoo allows all the users to recover their passwords in case they forget it. Yahoo password recovery process is simple in which you need to follow a process to prove to the Yahoo that you are the real owner of the account. For this purpose, only Yahoo asks you to enter security details when you create your account so that if anything goes wrong you can easily prove to Yahoo that you own this account. You can follow the below steps for Yahoo account recovery.

Steps For Yahoo Account Recovery Phone Number

1. First, open your web browser and then open the Yahoo login page.

2. You need to enter now your Yahoo account email address in the text box on the screen.

3. Click on “Next”.

4. In the next screen, you are asked to enter your password. So, you can click on “I forgot my password” option here.

5. Now, you are prompted to complete the phone number which you submitted to Yahoo as part of account recovery info. If you know the phone number and you use it even now, you can complete the phone number missing numerals.

6. Upon entering the phone number correctly you will receive a verification code sent by Yahoo on this number which you can use to reset your Yahoo password and recover your Yahoo mail account.

7. But if you forgot the phone number and you don’t use it anymore, you can click on I don’t have access option.

8. So, in this situation on the next screen, you will see that a verification code has been sent to the alternate email id that you submitted to Yahoo as part of the account recovery info. Now, open your that email inbox and open the email sent by Yahoo in which you see verification code.

Yahoo Mail Recovery Code

Now, you need to enter this code in the textbox on your Yahoo page screen. Once, you do this you are asked to enter a new password and then confirm the same new password by entering it again. So, this is you can recover your yahoo password by yahoo mail recovery code.

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