Unable to Activate an Update is Required to Activate your iPhone

Many iPhone users have reported encountering the issue “unable to activate an update is required” when they are getting prompted to update their iPhones in order to activate them. Well, the good news is that this issue is resolved by the user’s end and they get back their iPhone in working condition just by applying some troubleshooting solutions.

So, if you are also having an issue activating your iPhone after updating iOS or resetting your iPhone device, and a message prompt on your iPhone screen “Unable to Activate, an update is required to activate your iPhone”? If yes, then nothing to worry about.

Thus, this article will explain to you how to fix the “unable to activate an update is required” problem.

Causes Why “Unable to Activate an Update is Required” Occurred?

  • Unavailability of iPhone activation server, perhaps due to congestion
  • Wi-Fi connection or Network issue
  • Using an incorrect carrier that stops you from unlocking your iPhone
  • When the iPhone device isn’t identified and can’t be activated
  • The iPhone is locked to a prior user
  • When verification of your iPhone device failed by iTunes

How to Fix the “Unable to Activate an Update is Required” Problem?

Solution 1: Verify Apple Status Page

  • First of all, you should go to the Apple Status Page, and there verify if Apple’s servers are down or having any difficulties. Also, wait for a few minutes and then try again.
  • Probably, the Apple servers would be less congested and ready to procedure your demand.

Solution 2: Force Restart your iPhones

The “unable to activate an update is required” still if it is not resolved yet? Then the issue might be generated by any software bugs or crashes problem. So, to fix the issue “unable to activate an update is required” you should try to force restart your device by the following steps.

For iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, and earlier models:

  • Firstly, holding the “Sleep/Wake” button and the Home Button (or the volume down button on iPhone 7/7 Plus) together for about 20-25 seconds.
  • Then the Apple logo will seem on your iPhone screen. After that release the keys and wait for your iPhone device to boot as usual.

For iPhone 8 or later models:

  • Firstly, press and speedily release the “Volume Down” and “Volume down” buttons.
  • Then quickly press and hold the “Side/Wake” button.
  • Now release the button when the Apple logo will appear, and then wait for your device to boot properly.

Solution 3: Verify the Network Connection

  • Sometimes you receive this error “Unable to Activate, an update is required to activate your iPhone” prompt when your network connection is stopping ‘gs.apple.com’ from working on a few ports.
  • Then to fix the issue, you should connect to a new Wi-Fi source or change to a cellular connection. Confirm that the new connection, either the Wi-Fi or cellular network, is consistent. Then you should try the activation iPhone device again.

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Solution 4: Reactivate iPhone Using iTunes

If the above steps didn’t work to resolve the issue. Then you must reactivate your iPhone by iTunes to fix the issue “unable to activate an update is required” by following the below process. Walkthrough step-by-step guide to doing it.

  • Firstly, reboot your iPhone.
  • Then connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  • Now a list of available devices will show, then pick your iPhone.
  • Next, find the “Activate your iPhone” option on the iTunes app.
  • After that type in your Apple ID and password.
  • Tap on “Continue” to activate your device.

The above steps will help to activate your iPhone. Ensure wait properly while it reboots completely.

Solution 5: Eject Your Sim and Reinsert

If none of the above solutions helps you to fix the “unable to activate an update is required” error, then you should try removing your sim and reinserting to fix this error. Follow these steps to do it.

  • Firstly, go to the SIM tray on your iPhone device.
  • Then pull out your SIM card with the help of a pin carefully.
  • Then remove the SIM and turn off the device.
  • After that reinsert the SIM and turn on your device.
  • Now your iPhone should boot without the error prompt.

Solution 6: Update or Restore iPhone

The issue “unable to activate an update is required” often occurs when required to install an update excluding your regular iOS update package as you can do it usually by going to your iPhone settings. So, in case if this fails again, therefore, you will be required to force your iPhone to install the update package through recovery mode and update or restore it with iTunes.

To Update or Restore iPhone, Follow These Steps:

  • Put your iPhone into recovery mode.
  • Go to your computer, then run iTunes and allow it to detect your device in recovery mode.
  • Next, there will be available two options on detection that is Restore or Update.
  • After that do both.
  • Therefore, the above steps of restoring and updating your iPhone with iTunes will help to fix this issue of unable to activate an update is required.

Hence, hopefully, your issue is fixed now.