Thunderbird Email Setup

Mozilla Thunderbird is a multi-faceted Webmail client that provides users with many functions and advantages. The email client also enables you to easily configure third-party email accounts and synchronize them with email applications to help you enjoy a seamless connection and easy access to all emails and important personal and corporate communications. This article will guide you with step by step process to setup Thunderbird email. Please note that to send and receive emails in this app, you must create an app password for security purposes.


Before you start, make sure you have the following convenience:

  • Your domain name: com
  • Your email address:
  • Your email password.

Set up email in Mozilla Thunderbird

Create a new account in Thunderbird

  1. On the main screen of Thunderbird, select the email under the Create New Account section, or use the main menu to drop down to File-> New-> Existing Mail Account.
  2. In the pop-up window, select “Skip this action” and use my existing email to enter the “Mail Account Settings” screen.
  3. Here, you will enter some basic information about the account:
  • Your name should be the name you want because it wants it to appear in the emails you send.
  • The email address should be just the email address you want to set up.
  • The password is the password of the email account.Setup-email
  1. Choose Continue. Thunderbird will now try to automatically discover your account settings. If the automatic configuration fails, you need to manually configure the account.

Manual configure of Thunderbird email

Follow the automatic configuration above and select manual configuration.

  • Make sure your settings are correct as shown below (these are the default settings, replaced with your own name and domain).
  • Choose POP or IMAP

IMAP: incoming port 143, outgoing 587

POP: incoming 110, outgoing 587

  • Make sure the username is a complete email address.
  • For new hosting accounts, please temporarily use IP addresses instead of incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  • SSL is none
  • The authentication is a normal password.thunderbird-manual-setup
  • Click Finish. Your Thunderbird email setup is complete.

How to Fix Thunderbird email setup error?

If you see a message stating that Thunderbird cannot find your email account settings or Thunderbird email setup error, then please follow the next step.

  1. Now, you need to manually set the server details to create a connection from Thunderbird to our mail server. Please use the following:
  • Select IMAP as the incoming server type.
  • Enter as the hostname of the incoming server.
  • Select port 143, and select STARTTLS or None for the SSL type.
  • Choose a common password for authentication.
  • SMTP should be selected as the outgoing server type.
  • Enter in the hostname of the outgoing mail server.
  • Select port 25 and select None for SSL type.
  • Choose a common password for authentication.
  1. Finally, enter your full email address in the “Username” text box.
  2. Select Retest to check the settings. If they are correct, you will receive a message stating that the following settings were discovered by probing the given server.
  3. Click Finish.
  4. Now, you should set up your account in Thunderbird and then take you back to the main screen. The new mailbox will be on the left.
  5. Your Thunderbird email address should now be set up and ready to use!