How to fix iphone restore error

Did iPhone get stuck at the screen or in the black screen? Not to worry about it, it is not as scary as one thinks. It is a common problem faced by iPhone users. There are several ways to fix this problem, here are some of them. Follow the below steps to get a complete solution to the problem of


A hard restart of the device


Before doing anything, one needs to force restart their devices to get rid of the same. It may be helpful for the device which shows a black screen and error code on its home screen. Hard restart means to power off the device and wait for a few seconds and again switched on the device. After that, if the user faces the same problem, then he/she can try the next method.


Reinstall iOS on iPhone


If a user gets an error message like, can do the reinstallation of iOS on iPhone. It is similar to any software updating. For the process, the user of the iPhone needs to connect the device with a computer with the help of a USB cable. After connecting the device, they will get a message on the computer screen “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored”. Now the user needs to click on the ‘update’. After that, the device will update with the latest version of iOS. One must remember that with this process the device’s information will not erase.


 Reinstall iOS in iTunes


On the next step, one can perform the reinstallation of iOS in iTunes. The user needs to connect the iPhone with the computer. The user makes sure that the computer has the latest version of iTunes. Then will see a message pop-up on the computer that there is a problem with the device it needs to update then click on the update tap. The user must remember that the device can’t be disconnected before the updates have finished.


Use DFU mode to restore iPhone


If anyone gets an error code of or they do not care about the phone data, they can go for the DFU mode to restore their phone. The process is similar to the factory reset of any android device. For DFU mode, the user needs to open iTunes of the computer and connect the iPhone with the help of a USB cable. For DFU mode, the user needs to put the phone in recovery mode and then click ‘ok’ to restore the phone. Thereafter the phone will be restored with clear iOS.


Hardware examination


On the next method, one can go for a hardware check. If any device shows the error code it means the device can prone to failure, especially the motherboard. If the motherboard is hardly damaged or loses connection with the device it means it will show the error message.


Contact for iPhone restore Error


If any user performs all the above possible ways to get rid of the problem, they also show the same error code then the user needs to contact the Apple support section for further assistance.