How to fix Roku remote volume if it is not working

Roku remote volume not working

Roku is a hardware digital media player. This Company is based out of America, which provides lots of streaming media content from various media platforms. It feels frustrating when your gadgets are not working properly especially its volume. Here are some easy hacks to resolve issues with Roku remote volume not working problem. Please seek technical assistance if the problem persists even after following all these troubleshooting techniques.

Clean the remote: First, open the remote with help of a screwdriver and clean all its visible parts with a clean and dry soft cloth and assemble it again.

Press the button randomly: Take out the batteries and open the remote and press all the keys one after another for at least 3 seconds, after that start pressing any key randomly and repeat the process several times. Then check the remote is working or not.


Try different way

  1. ‘Check remote setting’: Go to setting> remotes and devices> remotes> select your remote> set up remote for tv control.
  2. Pair the remote with the TV: Now take out batteries from the remote and turn on the TV. When the Roku logo is visible on the TV one needs to press and hold the pairing button.
  3. After pairing the remote a message will visible on the TV that ‘your remote is paired’.