Reset Belkin Router

Resetting any wireless router may resolve issues related to the wireless network. Today, in this short quick guide, we will show you how to reset Belkin router to its default factory settings and how to set up your Belkin router after reset.

NOTE: In case your Belkin router is working properly, but you only forget the Belkin Wireless wifi password, we recommend that you restore or reset the Belkin password instead of resetting the entire router.

Why reset Belkin wireless router to factory settings:

Performing a router reset is the last line to complete troubleshooting to resolve router-related issues. After resetting the wireless router, it will revert to the default factory settings, allowing you to set up and change Belkin routers as needed. Resetting will enable you to log in to the Belkin Router dashboard using the default username and password of the Belkin wireless router. Belkin router reset can accomplish more things, such as

  • Troubleshoot the Internet connection and performance of Belkin routers.
  • wifi password and router administrator password reset
  • Change the security and connection of other devices
  • Fix the problem of frequent disconnection such as Belkin router

Now, let’s be straightforward and learn how to reset Belkin wireless router.

How to reset Belkin wireless router

Please remember that once reset, you will not be able to return to the previous settings and all existing router settings will be cleared. It’s quick, easy and effective, you just need to click the following steps, you can setup Belkin router again with a few clicks-

You can reset the Belkin wireless router in two ways

  • In most cases, people reset the router from a hard reset.
  • If you can log in to the Belkin router admin page, the first recommended method is soft reset. If Belkin is not connected to a computer or phone, skip the soft “reset” section.

Soft reset Belkin router

Soft reset is the safest way to reset Belkin router settings. Unfortunately, most people do not know and do not understand how it works. Even if your Belkin router cannot use the Internet, you can log in to the Belkin dashboard

  • First disconnect the Internet cable from the router to the modem.
  • Plug the Belkin router into a power source and use a cable to connect it to the computer
  • Please use to log in to the router and click “Submit”.
  • Go to “Settings” and click “Restore Factory Settings” under “Utilities”.
  • Wait for minutes, and then reset the Belkin router.
  • Now, restart the router and perform Belkin setup like a new router.

Hard reset Belkin router

If you cannot perform a soft reset on the Belkin router, you must perform a hard reset on the Belkin wireless router to restore the Belkin router settings to their default values. This is the most effective way to perform a reset Belkin wireless router, but if the operation is incorrect, it may also cause hardware failure. Therefore, please follow the instructions to do the following-

  • Look at the back of the Belkin wireless router, there will be a reset hole.
  • Use a pen or paper clip and press the Reset button on the back of the Belkin router.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 20-30 seconds, then wait for all lights to start flashing.
  • Once you see all Belkin lights flashing, please release the Reset button, and then restart the Belkin Router
  • Restart the modem and computer.
  • Your router is completely reset and ready to configure the router and its settings
  • Please connect the modem to the router and connect the router to the computer.
  • Log in to the Belkin router and update the firmware settings.
  • You can use the following steps to set up Belkin wireless router

Please leave a comment below to let me know if I need additional help to reset Belkin wireless router.