Profile Error Occurred

Due to its ease of use, functional scope, and useful extensions, Chrome may be one of the most commonly used web browsers in Windows 10. However, in the later period, users reported a strange error when trying to open Google Chrome in standard or incognito mode. It seems that whenever they try to open Chrome, an error message will pop up stating that “Profile error occurred.”

This error will force you to use your Google account to log in again to retrieve saved tags and any other preferences. This can also cause problems when you try to open a new Chrome incognito window. Even if you update Chrome and run the latest version, it will not help. However, this problem does not occur when you use the same account to log on to another computer.

Well, this error is also fixed, very simple. Let ’s see how to easily access Chrome.

How to fix the “profile error occurred” problem in Chrome through the local application data path

Step 1: Click the Windows icon on the desktop, and then type% localappdata% in the search field. Click the result to open the “Local Files” folder.

Step 2: In the Local File folder, scroll down to find Google, and then double-click it to open the folder.

Step 3: Next, in the Google folder, double-click Chrome to open the folder.

Step 4: Now, in the Chrome folder, double-click the User Data folder.

Step 5: In the User Data folder, locate and double-click the Default folder.

Step 6: In the Default folder, scroll down and find Web Data. Right-click it, and click Delete in the context menu to delete it.

Now, just restart the PC and try to open Chrome. Google Chrome browser should open smoothly and “profile error occurred” will be fixed.