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Google – It is an American Multinational Technology company that has its specialization in internet-related services as well as products comprising of online advertising, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It is named among the big four technology companies among the Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

How to find, view and delete Google saved password on Google Chrome

  1. View or find the saved password on Google Chrome
  • Please click your profile picture in order to open passwords and then again click on Passwords
  • Now look for the option of Save passwords and you will be able to see all the username and the password saved on Chrome
  • In order to view the password in the plain text, please click on eye icon
  • If you use a password to lock your computer using the password, one will be required to enter the details as username and the password before you actually view the password on the plain text
  1. Delete Saved password on Google Chrome
  • Go on the Password settings menu, click on settings which can see next to the password and click on the same for removing the password
  • The one which was selected by you gets deleted automatically and the good thing about the same is that pop will come up and in case you have done it by mistake one can undo it so that it can be restored
  • In case one is looking to delete everything from the password list one needs to go to the Chromes settings menu and towards the right side at the top and click on settings
  • On this page at the bottom click on Advanced and keep going down till you see the option Clear Browsing Data
  • You will see a pop-up screen click on the tab Advanced and then select All time and now click on passwords and other sign-in data
  • Now all you will be required to do is follow the onscreen instructions and the password will get deleted
  1. Export Save Password
  • Please go on the Password menu of the Chrome and now next to save password click on the settings menu and then select an export password
  • One will be required to give the conformation for the export of the passwords
  • Yow will require to enter the username and password for the security point of view
  • Please ensure that you save the file on the secured place and click on save

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Passwords.Google.Com Saved Passwords on Android

one can view the password by taking the steps as below

  1. View Saved Password on Android
  • You will be required to open the Google Chrome on your Android device
  • One should look for the hamburger icon which can either be at the top or at the bottom and click on settings
  • Among the listed options click on Saved Passwords and one will be able to see all passwords which are saved and linked to the account
  • In case if you want to see the password on the particular website all you need to do is select the website name among the listed one and click on view option, now you will be required to enter the lock screen password

By taking the steps one will be able to see the password on the screen in normal text and once you ensure that it is the correct password it will be copied to your clipboard.

  1. Delete Saved Password on Android

in the situation where you have changed the password or just don’t want the Chrome to store the password one can delete the same

  • Click on Chrome and look for the three dots now among the listed options click on settings
  • Now click on the website for which you want to delete the password
  • You can delete the save password by clicking on the trash icon which you can see at the top right once click on delete it gets permanently deleted and there is no way to recover the same
  1. Export Saved Passwords

if one is deleting the Google Account and however still want the save passwords there is nothing to worry about the same one can export everything to somewhere else

  • Click on Chrome and then look for three dots hit on option settings and then the password
  • Now you will be able to see the option Export Passwords and then click on the same
  • You will be required to either enter the password used on the lock screen or the or the fingerprint
  • One sheet will come up showing the ways to save and send the exported document and please set a secure location to store your exported passwords however has to be careful in doing the same as the details will be in plain text

How to find, view and delete Google saved passwords on iPhone

  1. View or find the Saved password on iPhone
  • On your, device iPhone open Google Chrome
  • At the bottom towards the right click on more
  • Select settings and hit on password
  • In order to view the password below password click on show
  • Now you will be able to see the password
  1. Delete saved Password on iPhone
  • On your, iPhone makes your you open Google Chrome
  • Towards the bottom of the page click on More
  • Among the options available select Settings and click on passwords
  • In order to delete the password at the top towards the right side of the page Under the option of Saved Passwords click on Edit and tap on the website for which you want to delete the password and then select delete
  • In case you are looking to delete all passwords one has to clear browsing data and click on Saved passwords
  1. Export Saved Passwords
  • Open Google Chrome on your iPhone
  • Look for the option of more at the bottom of the page
  • Now from the listed options hit on settings and click on the password
  • If you wish to export the password go towards the bottom of the page and then click on Export Passwords
  • Now do ensure that details are secured

Passwords are indeed an important part of life, so before deleting the password please ensure that you have the details or there can be a situation that leads you to follow the forgot password procedure.