How to Fix Netflix Not Working On Android TV?

Netflix Not Working On Android TV

The most used social channel NETFLIX has gained a huge audience in a very short interval of time. It’s high definition picture and materials Netflix provides to its users is highly recommendable and thus used by every single individual all across the globe.

Netflix not working on Android TV can put your social life is on hold, So at any point, if you are looking to troubleshoot the issue wherein you want to fix Netflix not working on Android TV then try out some of the quick steps mentioned below to make sure it started working properly:-

Check by restarting the Android TV and the WIFI

  1. Whenever Netflix stops working we should first check for the Internet connection as the loose net can be a cause of trouble
  2. Go to your settings, then on System and then restart it again, remove the power outlet and attach it again to the WIFI router, and try Netflix again by checking whether it’s started working or not

Always check for the update of the Android TV

You have to Go to Settings, then Click on  System, and on Software Updates and select Update Software this will resolve the issues of update of Android TV

Close the Netflix app forcibly and open it again

For this, you can use your TV remote, On your remote, double press the TV/Home button and will bring up the app switcher, Swipe right and Netflix will disappear, Now open the TV again and check if Netflix is working or not.

Delete the app and re-install it again

  1. First of all, go to your Home Screen, then scroll to Netflix
  2. Now have to now press down on the center of the touchpad until the Netflix app begins to appear, Press the Play/Pause button.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Open the Google Play Store.
  5. And now Download and reinstall the Netflix app again

Last but not least if any of the above solutions didn’t rectify your issue then get connected with Netflix support to get an instant solution.