Netflix Error CM 12646

If you are using Netflix, you will get Netflix error cm 12646 “cannot play title, please try again later (CM: 12646)” error once in your entire subscription. It usually indicates a network connection issue that is preventing your device from accessing the Netflix service.

We’ve encountered a Netflix error cm 12646 many times, so before moving on to the solution, we need to know why this error occurred.

What are the causes of Netflix cm 12646 error?

  • The Netflix server may be down. In this case, you can’t do anything except waiting.
  • Netflix 12646 error occurs when there is a problem with the network connection to the iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • When trying to broadcast a downloaded title.
  • Your Netflix app may be outdated.

Here are some common causes of the Netflix cm 12646 error, now let’s find some solutions to the error ‘Cannot play title. Please try again later (CM: 12646).

How to Fix Netflix error cm 12646

Solution 1: Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

  • Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button, until the red slider becomes visible.
  • Drag the slider to completely shut down your device.
  • After 10 seconds, you can restart your device by pressing the Sleep / Wake button.
  • Try Netflix again as soon as you start up your device.

Solution 2: Check your network connection

You must first check your internet connection if a Netflix 12646 error appears during Netflix streaming. This is because this annoying error causes an internet connection problem, which prevents your device from accessing the Netflix server.

If you are streaming from the university, hotel or workplace, there are many opportunities where your network administrator might have blocked access to broadcast services. So first check your internet connection on any device you use.

Solution 3: Download the title again

If you are experiencing a Netflix cm 12646 error on the address you also downloaded, then you need to download it again because sometimes the downloaded video expires and you may have missed this notification.

Follow these steps to remove the downloaded videos:

  • Click on the Downloads icon (if you don’t see the Downloads icon, click on the menu icon () then “Downloads”.
  • Click Edit (the upper right corner of your screen).
  • Click on the red X to remove the title from your device and then download the title again.

Solution 4: Try a different internet connection

Try streaming video with your mobile phone data on your device. We do not recommend broadcasting over a data network as a solution, it is a good way to know if the current or home network configuration problem is what prevents you from flowing reliably.

If you are able to stream video using a different internet connection, we recommend that you contact your internet service provider to fix Netflix Error cm 12646.

Solution 5: Reinstall the Netflix app

This issue may be caused by an older version of the Netflix app. Therefore, reinstall the Netflix app with the new version (if your app is not updated).

Note: — Deleting the Netflix app will delete any addresses you have downloaded to the device. So you might need an Apple ID and password to reinstall the app once it’s removed.


Here are some ways to resolve Netflix 12646 error ‘Cannot play title. Please try again later. (CM: 12646,). Please let us know if you have followed all the methods closely and you are still getting the same error. You will also be able to comment on your inquiries below.