Netflix 0013

If you are a Netflix user, you encounter some errors once during subscription like Netflix error code UI-800–3, Netflix error code NW-2–5, Netflix error code M7121–1331-P7 & M7111–1331–4027, error code: M7703–1003. These are some common Netflix errors that are reported on the official Netflix website and Netflix Error 0013 is one of these errors as well.

Netflix 0013 error occurs when there is a problem with the network connection or some information stored in your device that needs to be updated. When you have this error, you’ll usually see a message like:

Sorry, we were unable to access the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit Netflix website (0013)

How to fix Netflix 0013 error?

You obviously want to get rid of this bug and you can do this in a few simple ways. So try the steps below one by one to fix the Netflix 0013 error:

Solution 1: Try to connect to different internet

Try streaming video with your cellular data on your device. Generally, we do not recommend broadcasting over a data network as a solution, it is a good way to know if the current or home network configuration problem is what prevents you from flowing reliably.

If you are able to stream video using a different internet connection, we recommend that you contact your internet service provider to fix Netflix Error 0013.

Solution 2: Clear Netflix app data

Netflix stores some files in the app data cache and sometimes this data gets corrupted and we encounter this error. Follow these steps to clear the app cache:

Note: — Clearing app data will delete any titles you have downloaded to the device.

  • Go settings in your device and select the app.
  • Select the application manager.
  • Click on the Netflix app and choose “Clear Data” to clear the cache.
  • Try streaming the video again to see if the error is fixed or not.

Solution 3: Try the old version of the Netflix app

Sometimes, this solution helps users fix Netflix 0013 bug. It is possible that current Netflix versions may not be compatible with your firmware. To uninstall the current version and install the old version of Netflix, you need to enable “unknown sources” in your device’s security settings.

Note: You must disable the Netflix Auto App Update. To do that, go to the play store and type Netflix, then click on the three vertical points in the upper right to open the options menu and deselect this.


If the solutions above do not work, reinstall the Netflix app or reinstall the Netflix app to resolve the Netflix 0013 error.