What To Do When Your MSN Not Responding

MSN Not Responding

Microsoft services are hugely popular all around the world and MSN email services are among them. There is nothing wrong to say that they are one of the best email services that are available in the digital world. They let us exchange our important emails quickly, enjoy daily news feed, and we can also scroll through the various information using the in-mail search engine.

However, there are times when users find their MSN not responding which lets them face serious issues while using their accounts. Well, this could happen due to various reasons and some of them are recoverable on your own and others would require technical assistance.

Why MSN Is Unable To Respond?

There are many reasons that your MSN account may not respond while you try to work with it. Some of the major reasons are as follows.

Poor internet connectivity

Incompatible web or mobile browser

Outdated browser

Moreover, these issues can be rectified on your end by applying the appropriate solution which will be later described in this article. In addition to this, users also report issues regarding MSN not responding on internet explorer even if it is working other major web browsers. Here’s why.

Msn Not Working in Internet Explorer

Since both Internet Explorer and MSN are developed by Microsoft, it is not surprising that they work at their best with each other. But users still face issues while working with both of them; here have a look at the reasons that might cause them to such a situation.

Inappropriate browser settings

Internet Explorer is occupied with too many cookies and cache files

Inappropriate time settings

Firewall and antivirus issues

Internet connection is down

So, How To Fix This MSN Issue Quickly?

Well, you can follow the simple steps listed below to get rid of MSN not responding to the Internet Explorer issue.

Clear Browsing Cache & Cookies Files

Open up your Internet Explorer

Click on the Gear icon on the top right

Select the Safety option and then the Delete browsing history option

Enable the checkmarks next to the following options

Preserve Favorites website data

Temporary Internet Files


Hit the delete button and then remove the cache files from the browser

Try using MSN in Incognito Window

In your Internet Explorer, scroll to its settings and select Safety

Next, click on InPrivate Browsing and start using your MSN account

Contact MSN Helpdesk Number Further Assistance

If still your MSN not responding even after employing the above instructions in practices then it is necessary for you to get in touch with the technical support team of MSN. They would provide you a complete and reliable solution in order to get the issue resolved. The expert techies will are 24*7 available to help you out. So, dial the helpline number and instantly fix the problems.

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