How To Make AOL My Homepage

Make AOL My Homepage

Users often ask for that how to make AOL my Homepage? Well! You can change your homepage to AOL in most of the browsers just through the settings menu options of that browser. The process is quite simple. So, if you are also struggling to find an answer that how to make AOL my Homepage then carefully read the given information provided below.

I want my old AOL homepage back?

For an easy AOL homepage restore, you can following the given steps:

First of all, you need to open the Internet Explorer browser on your system.

After that, click the Tools icon present in the upper right side corner of the browser.

Choose Internet Options from the drop-down menu appearing on your screen.

From the General Tab, enter to set.

Tap to apply.

Click the Ok.

Note: if you want to set a page which you have opened as your homepage then click on the Current button. To confirm that the new AOL homepage has been set correctly, you can click on the Home icon.

How to Setup or Make AOL My Homepage Default Browser

Make your homepage in Google Chrome, the new web browser in Chrome. Stay up-to-date on the latest news, trending videos, and easy access to your AOL Mail.

Make Default AOL Homepage Browser:

Open Google Chrome Browser

In the upper right side corner of your browser window, click the three horizontal dots. Home Screen AOL Mail Account

Choose the setting menu, click Settings.

In the Settings menu, under “Search Engine “.

Search Engine Setting Google Chrome to AOL Search Engine

Clieck Manage Search Engines and Click On

Manage Search Engines

Click on Left Side of Browser URL. Click On three Dot. Choose Make By Default. Add By Default AOL Web Browser

How to Restore AOL Homepage

With AOL Homepage Restore you can check the most visited websites as whenever you open the internet explorer, it will open all the websites that you have visited the most. So, if you want to make the AOL Homepage again, follow the below provided steps:

In the first step, you need to open the Internet Explorer on your computer.

Now open the page that you wish to set as the homepage on your device.

Swipe to the screen right edge and click on the settings menu option ( if you are using a mouse then point it to the screen’s lower right corner and click or choose the settings menu).

Click ‘Options’. Under the homepages click on Customize.

Click to add the current site and if you want then edit the URL. After that click to make the site as one of your Home pages. This way you can complete AOL Homepage restore process.

AOL Homepage Restore

The mentioned steps are very simple to complete the AOL Homepage Restore process. By following these simple steps you can easily fulfill your wish to ‘make AOL my Homepage’. In case, you are unable to execute the instructions or getting some sort of error while applying the process, you can contact AOL experts for AOL toll free number online assistance. The experienced experts can suggest the easiest and best possible way to make AOL your Homepage again.

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