LivingSocial Password Reset

Living social is a highly renowned marketplace for all the basic requirement from pin to largely required goods. Since we all know the highest number of people leads to having some trouble as well. There are more than a hundred thousand customers and merchants associated with this online shopping platform. Among every individual, passwords related issues are very common. More than hundreds of people get confused about the Livingsocial password reset procedure. Here in this article, it is clearly mentioned how you can reset your password in a few simple steps.

What is the process of Living social password reset:

  1. When you open the official site of living social then you will find the link on the top right corner of the website with name Login.
  2. In the login page, you will get several options. If you remember your credential, then login with that otherwise click on forgot your password link just beside the Login button.
  3. Here you will get an input where you have to mention the email account which you have associated with this e-commerce marketplace.
  4. When you enter your password (make sure the email address should be correct) then a password reset link will be generated to your email address.
  5. Now, here what you have to do is, just go to your email inbox, and find the email coming from social living.
  6. Open the mail and in the mail click on the social living password reset link.
  7. Now you can enter any new password you want to set. Make sure your password should contain alphanumeric content and the password should not be more complex.
  8. Click on the Save button and you have done with resetting your password.

Now a day billions of people are carrying many accounts on multiple platforms. So there are more chances of forgetting the particular account password as a human tendency. It is a very good thing from the side of any online website that they usually provide the password reset facility. It is already so easy to reset Living social password with the mobile number as well. Just enter your associated mobile number and get OTP in that mobile number and reset your password. However, companies are also looking forward to making it easier.