iPhone Locked for 48 Years

It may be that you may be getting iPhone locked for years’ problem onto your screen as a result of which many of your important tasks may have got hampered.  This could be due to a varied range of reasons. There is a quick and easy fix for iPhone locked for 48 years’ problem. This tutorial will rightly guide you to fix such kind of issue. So stay calm and composed and do not panic at all and follow the guidelines as mentioned down in the tutorial in order to get a one-stop solution for the issue. But in any case in case the issue still tends to remain unresolved then we would be more than happy to assist you and resolve your issue in one go without any sort of hesitation or giving a second thought.

What Causes iPhone Locked for 48 Years Problem?

Firstly, let us try to understand the root cause as to why the users face iPhone locked for 48 years’ problem.

  • The root cause of users facing such kind of issue is entering incorrect passcode when accessing the account at any time.
  • In case the users have forgotten the password then an attempt should immediately be made to reset the password and not to enter the incorrect passcode again and again.

Different Ways to Fix iPhone Locked for Years’ Problem

  1. Get your iPhone restored from backup

Firstly, users should try to restore their iPhone from a backup which they must have saved in their iTunes. But in the case by any chance you are not using iTunes then you can always restore without using iTunes as well. This should certainly resolve the users’ problems. But in this case, users may lose all of their important data.

  1. Users can try and use the recovery mode

In case the above-mentioned procedure did not work for the users then they can follow this model to recover their account. But again in this method as well users may lose all of their important or sensitive data.

  1. Users can try and use the DFU method

In case users are looking for a one-stop solution for the iPhone locked for years issue then they can always the DFU mode to recover the account. For recovering the account through DFU mode users can seek direct assistance from us and we will be able to offer you step by step solution to resolve the same in one go.

  1. Lastly, use iCloud or Find my iPhone to erase data

The one method which will certainly work for the users in case none of the methods works for them is this method. Users can simply do is log in to their iCloud account through any external device in a web browser of their choice with their desire account username and account password. Once logged-in in an effective manner then users can simply do is use Find my iPhone to locate their device and then they can simply wipe it out remotely. This deletes the data on the device and resets it so that you can access it again. This will surely help to fix the problem of iPhone locked for 48 years problem instantly, if you know other methods then do let us know in the comment box, we will update it on the blog.

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