How to Find Forgot WiFi Password

Hello friends, in this post, we will teach you how to find forgot WiFi password on your mobile phone. So that you will be able to easily recover your WiFi password. Many times it happens that we forget our WiFi password and then we need to recover it. Do not panic because, we will teach you how to recover your WiFi password in 2 easy ways, all you need to read this post completely till the end.

Find WiFi Password in Android Mobile without Root –

We all use WiFi in many places like Cafe, Gym, Home, etc. and every time we type a WiFi password in the android device, our mobile saves it because it is very difficult to remember all wifi passwords. It is very easy to find the WiFi password using a computer but if you do not have a computer, then Android Mobile is the only option to find your forgotten password. Without wasting much of your time, let’s understand how to find forgot wifi password.

First Method: Find Forgot WiFi Password In Mobile Without Root

Most of the methods are only for Rooted Android because Android has many hidden features and things that you can do only after rooting the phone. If you have your own wifi network (home wifi network) then you can easily check your wifi password.

Step 1. First of all, open a web browser in your Android mobile and then open the Admin Login Page in it. To open the Admin Login Page, enter one of the IP addresses in or in the URL Bar.

Step 2. After opening the Admin Login page, enter Username and Password and click on Login Button.

Most Wireless Routers come with Default Username and Password, which are as follows –

Username – admin, password – admin or Username – admin, Password – password

Step 3. After login in Router Setting Page, you have to click on “Wireless Option”.

Step 4. After clicking on Wireless, you have to click on “Wireless Security Option”.

Step 5. After clicking on Wireless Security Option, you will see the password of your WiFi Network.

Second Method: Find Forgot WiFi Password On Mobile Using Share Password

It is not necessary that this method is available in all Android mobiles but in most mobiles, the option to share the WiFi network is given.

Step 1. First of all, you have to click on Settings in your Android Mobile and go to Mobile Settings.

Step 2. After going to your Android Mobile settings, you will have to click on “Wi-Fi Option”.

Step 3. After this, you have to click on “Tap to Share Password” on the next screen. Here you will get the option of “Tap to Share Password” in the WiFi network you will be connected to.

Step 4. After that, you will see a QR Code to share the Wi-Fi network on the next screen.

Step 5. Now scan that QR Code in another mobile and then you will see the password of that WiFi.

Bottom Line

When connected to a Wi-Fi network, both of the above methods will work otherwise not. So in this way you can easily find forgot wifi password of connected Wi-Fi networks in your Android mobile devices.