Recover Hacked Microsoft Account

If you are noticing some suspicious activity with your Microsoft account, then it’s clear that someone has hacked your Microsoft account or it is compromised, by stealing your password. That person might be using your account to access your personal information, or email data has been removed or sent junk email. Then you don’t worry about it! You should quickly take some action to fix the issue.

So, in this article, you will get complete guidance on how to solve this issue by just simply recover the Microsoft account Follow the below-mentioned methods of regaining access and take back control of your Microsoft account.

Easy Methods to Fix the Issue When Microsoft Account Has Been Hacked or Compromised:

Method 1: Change or Reset Another Password 

You should quickly set up a new password of your Microsoft account to fix the issue.

  • Open the Microsoft account sign-in page.
  • Then signing into account by entering your account credentials.
  • Next, go to the ‘Security’ section.
  • Pick the ‘Password security’ option.
  • Now enter your current password, then type a new password and confirm the password into the required text box.
  • Hit on the ‘Save’ button.

Method 2: Recover Your Microsoft Account

If you can’t reset the password, due to facing issues in signing to your account, then don’t trouble! You can Recover Microsoft Account without entering a current password and then can set a new password.

  • Open the Microsoft Reset password page.
  • Choose one to reset the password. Click on the ‘Next’.
  • Enter your email address ( or, phone, or Skype name.
  • Enter the characters which display on the screen. Tap the ‘Next’.
  • Then Microsoft will send a one-time code to your recovery phone, or email address that registered with your account.
  • Next, enter that code into ‘Verify your identity’. Tap the ‘Next’.
  • Type a new password and re-enter the password to confirm it in both the text boxes.

Now you can access your Microsoft Account and its services easily, and then change or set up another password

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Method 3: Verify Your Computer Is Not Compromised

Sometime, you might have difficulties with your Microsoft account if you do not use an antivirus or antimalware program on your Windows, tablet, desktop, or laptop. So, verify your computer is updated with the latest security software. Also, you can download free anti-malware or paid antivirus software from Microsoft.

Method 4: Remind to Re-secure Your Microsoft Account 

After recovering your account, the next step you can take to prevent hacked account Microsoftthe best will be to add a few additional security features. To do this, you must be signed in to your account. Then go to the ‘Account summary’ section, then change the info you might think that it was hacked or compromised. Furthermore, go to the ‘Security info’ section, and add several details to protect your account data, also against malware attack.

Method 5: Verify Your Account Settings

When you mark someone else is accessing your Microsoft account, then you should reset a few settings of your account. Then to verify and change your account settings, go to connected accounts, forwarding, and automatic replies. Then review and change the setting there according to your needs.


Hence, after performing all the following above methods, surely you regain access and easily recover your hacked Microsoft account, and the hijacker does not continue to control your account.