Google Play Protect

Any Smartphone is full of different applications and if there is no application in that Smartphone, then that phone is of no use. These applications contain a lot of data of the user’s personal information’s and sometimes there are some apps that contain malware or viruses. It steals your phone’s data, and try to hack your phone and to protect against all this, Google created a tool called Google Play Protect. With its help, you can save your phone from an external Cyber ​​Attack to a great extent.

What is Google Play Protect?

Many people consider Google Play Protect an Apps but it is not an app but a tool from Google which is used in Google Play Store. Google Play Store is a repository of Apps, there are so many apps uploaded every day and many people download and install these apps every day. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of Google to take steps towards making your phone safe. In this way, Google launched Play Protect Tool.

How Does Google Play Protect Work?

Google Play Protect monitors every app on the Play Store and if they found any suspicious app that appears on the Play Store is removed from the Store instantly. You must have seen that many apps are not on Google Play Store but they ask to download it from their website. This is because they do not fit in the guidelines of Google Play Protect. Google Play Protect keeps a close watch on the apps that take any data from your phone and pass it on to someone else without your permission.

How to Activate Google Play Protect?

There is no app for Google Play Protect, but this a feature comes in your mobile by default and you just have to activate it.

  • Go to Setting to activate Google Play Protect.
  • Find Google in Settings.
  • In Google, you will get the option of Security, click on it.
  • In Security, you will see the option of Google Play Protect. Click on this option.
  • If your Google Play Protect is not activated, then activate it.
  • If he is already active, then he will tell you which app is dangerous on your phone.

Google Play Protect Find My Device

A special feature of Google Play Protect is Find My Phone or device. Through this, if your phone is lost, you can find out its location, you can delete the data of your phone from anywhere, and you can play ringtone on your phone.

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