How to Resolve Google Chrome Not Working Problems

Google Chrome Not Working

Google Chrome is one of Google’s best Internet browsers. In case the user uses Google Chrome, the user may encounter problems in which Google Chrome crashes, crashes, and Google Chrome not working. While many things can cause the browser to stop responding, if the problem persists, there are a couple of troubleshooting techniques that the user can use to solve the problem. Troubleshooting Google Chrome may require the user to perform some or several steps, depending on the cause of the problem.

Google Chrome Not Responding Error

People often encounter the error “Google Chrome not responding” while browsing the web on Mac. Such error messages appear when the browser becomes too slow and does not respond to clicks and keystrokes. This can be annoying for users in the computer browsing experience. However, they can be resolved first by updating the outdated Google browser.

Mac updates often come with bug fixes for Google Chrome, which can resolve the error blocking the browser. If the user has disabled automatic Mac update on the system, download and install the updates for Mac manually. For that, click on the Start button on the desktop, look for Mac Update and click on that. In the Control Panel menu, look for Mac Updates only on the Google website.

Google Chrome Connection is Not Private

If the user still sees that Google Chrome does not respond despite installing the latest update for the included browser, disable the browser add-ons to try again to clear the error. Add-ons may improve a browsing session in Google Chrome, but they tend to take time to fully load in an open tab. Therefore, it also affects the loading time of the website and can cause a common error in Google Chrome. the user does not need to disable all add-ons to delete this, but only the add-ons user rarely uses it. For that, follow the steps below

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome

Step 2: Open the Chrome browser settings, denoted by a gear icon in the upper right corner

Step 3: Select Chrome Manage Add-ons

Step 4: In the list of add-ons that appears, right-click the user you need to disable in Chrome Mac and then select Disable.

Step 5: Click Close and restart Google Chrome to see if this helps.

And see your google chrome connection is private and working properly on your mac and desktop.

Solution Steps For Google Chrome Not Working On Mac

Otherwise, Chrome users must reset the standard Mac browser to the default settings with the steps below. Please note that resetting Google Chrome to factory defaults will remove stored passwords, cookies, browsing history, temporary Internet files, etc. therefore, resort to this troubleshooting only as a last resort.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome, click on the Settings icon and then choose Internet options.

Step 2: Choose the Chrome Advanced option in the settings menu

Step 3: Click on the Reset button

Step 4: Put a checkmark next to the Delete personal settings checkbox

Step 5: Click Reset again to confirm the same

Google Chrome Not Working on Mac

Once the user resets Google Chrome, the user must restart the Mac PC so that the operating system fully applies the changes that have been made. If the user still experiences the errors, contact a customer service team for Chrome troubleshooting steps.