Gmail Not Syncing

Google Mail is Google’s most important service. Despite all social networks, users use email as a means of communication. Therefore, it is treated as part of today’s phone until it faces some problems. Gmail not syncing problem is the most common problems that are caused by Gmail.

What happens if Gmail not syncing?

If Gmail not syncing on your mobile app with the Google account, you may not be able to perform basic email functions. You cannot open and read emails, nor can you send or receive emails. In addition, the app may run slower. You will need to resynchronize your Gmail account for it to work. So if Gmail is out of sync, check the solution to fix the problem.

How to fix Gmail not syncing on phone issue:

1. Gmail app updates:

Not necessarily a solution to the problem, but keeping Gmail up to date works fine. Please update the app in the Play Store as there may be interference that can be resolved by updating.

2. Erase app data.

  • It may be helpful to clear the app cache for this issue. Let’s see how to do this.
  • Go to Settings, then go to Apps and Application Manager. If you can’t find it, you can search for installed apps in the search bar.
  • Next, you need to find Gmail in the Apps Manager. From the additional settings, you can select “Show all apps” or “Show system services”.
  • Click Gmail to clear your cache. If the problem persists, repeat the same steps, but this time click Clear Data.

3. Please check your settings:

Data saver and airplane mode are the most likely causes of trouble.

4. Turn off airplane mode.

It limits the level of communication that a device can establish. So there is no call or internet connection. Therefore, you need to disable airplane mode and check Gmail again.

5. Check the data saver settings.

If you have a data saver function, the performance of all apps will be limited if you are not connected to Wi-Fi. You can whitelist Gmail in Data Saver and receive new mail when connected to Wi-Fi.

If Gmail isn’t loaded, you can whitelist Gmail, but you should avoid opening media-rich emails.

Here ’s how to whitelist Gmail with Data Saver:

  • Go to [Settings] and click [Network and Internet]. Next, data usage and data saver.
  • Next, you need to tap unlimited data, find Gmail and turn it on.

You can perform these steps if Gmail not syncing and you will find that your Gmail will start working smoothly.