My Gmail Account Not Receiving Emails

Google serves as an opportunity to give a constant workflow to Gmail. However, the superior functionality of a Gmail account lasts forever i.e. sending and receiving emails. The importance of Gmail drowns whenever Gmail fails to send and receive emails. Additionally, it can result in missing some of your important emails. You can mainly meet the reasons behind this issue or else transform a new ID again. Unfortunately, this type of circumstance can arise because of a variety of reasons or a web of multiple reasons.

Gmail Not Receiving Emails From Outlook

The trouble of not being allowed to receive emails is more frequent while using Gmail via IMAP or POP. That’s why; it is probably most common to see Gmail user protest about the glitch like my Gmail not receiving emails from  Outlook, Thunderbird and many more applications that are associated with Gmail. Nevertheless, every problem carries a solution. In case you are also facing a similar problem with your Gmail account then you can rearrange it with a smile.

Gmail Not Receiving Emails 2020

There can be two aspects in the case of Gmail. The very first one can be from the receiver’s side and the other half may be from the sender’s side. Here, we can solve both the phenomena and further understand in detail what can be the outcome and how soon you can get out of this situation.

Let’s talk about the possibilities held from receivers end,

  • The web portal on which you are running or loading Gmail is unsupported.
  • Check if your internet connectivity is not in the mode to work.
  • The web browsers you are using contain multiple caches, cookies or temporary files.
  • The Gmail inbox is jam-packed with emails and none of the space is left for upcoming messages.
  • The add-on or unwanted extensions installed in your web portal is interrupting Gmail for working properly.
  • The size of the sender’s document or any media file is larger than the expectation of the Gmail policy.
  • Your Antivirus or Firewall setups are pausing Gmail from incorporating a new email.
  • By mistake, the senders get blocked
  • Gmail filters redirecting the latest messages to another folder instead of the inbox.
  • Incorrect availability of IMAP or POP settings.
  • The problem can be fought from the sender’s side,
  • The sender is entering the wrong email address of the recipient to send.
  • Attempting to send the attachment in a format that is not handled by Gmail.
  • Gmail messages stuck at outbox due to misconduct of internet connection.

Steps For Fix The Gmail Not Receiving Emails Mac

Now, let’s fix it out

  1. Just twice check your internet connectivity
  2. Look for spam or other email folders including junk file too.
  3. Get in touch once with your web browser
  4. Quickly disable add-ons and extensions from your web portal
  5. You may also disable firewalls including antivirus temporarily
  6. Take a look at your Gmail blocked accounts by filtering it through settings
  7. Ensure once whether you are supported with correct IMAP/POP settings
  8. End this by calling your sender and confirming the correct mail ID.

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