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Netflix has lots of old and new movies, and if you don’t want to go to the cinema to watch a movie, you can watch it on Netflix. There are many TV series on Netflix. In case you don’t have much time to watch movies, you can watch the series by logging into your Netflix account.

You will get a lot of Hollywood movies on Netflix. You can only enjoy movies on Netflix once you have subscribed to Netflix. Netflix doesn’t offer free service to its users because it has a good quality movie in it. If you have a smart TV at home, then you can watch movies on Netflix by streaming it directly to the TV. Netflix also has a number of comedy shows to keep you entertained. This would be a great idea to change your Netflix password if someone knows your password.

You should change your Netflix password frequently to secure your account and credentials. You can do this by visiting its official website on the system and using the app from the App Store on a smartphone.

Steps to change Netflix password on a web browser:

In case you want to change the password of Netflix then you find it very easy and it can be done after logging into your Netflix account. If you don’t want to share your Netflix account with anyone, you should change your password once a month.

  • Sign up for a Netflix account by entering your username and password in the box provided. In case you don’t remember the password, then open the Password Reset password website and enter an email ID, then go through the option provided on the email.
  • Move your mouse on the name located on the right of the screen.
  • Choose your Account option.
A screenshot of the Netflix home page with the account icon highlighted
  • Choose the Change Password option.
A screenshot of the Netflix account page with the
  • Enter recent passwords.
  • Write a new password.
  • Check your new password again.
  • In case you want to restart your gadget, it’s a link to your Netflix account and then you have to enter the new password when you use that account later on your phone.
  • Click the Save button. Group confirmation Require all devices to log in again with a new password option.
A screenshot of Netflix's Change Password screen with the Save button highlighted

How to change your Netflix password on Android

  • Start by launching the Netflix app. Touch the Sign in button at the top right, next to the Help button. Once you’re logged in to the login screen, tap Need help? the text below the Login button. You are then sent to a dedicated Netflix website for login help.
A screenshot of the Netflix app showing the path to the account page
  • From here, you have three ways to reset your password: via email, text message or voice call. Remember that you must associate a phone number with your Netflix account if you want to choose the option for text messages or voice calls.
  • If you choose an email option, enter the email address used to log into Netflix and press the Email Me button. From there, check your main inbox for emails from Netflix. Open the email and press Reset password. Link opens a new tab in your browser, where you can create and confirm your new password.
  • If you choose the text message option, enter the phone number attached to your Netflix account. Click the Text Me button and wait a few seconds for a text message containing the verification code. Enter the verification code and click the Verify button. Once done, you can create and confirm a new password.
  • Finally, the voice call option allows Netflix to call you with a verification code. As with the previous step, enter the phone number attached to your Netflix account and click Call me. Allow a few seconds for automated phone calls with the verification code to call your phone. When you receive the code, enter the code and press Verify. Once done, you are free to create a new password.
Screenshots of the Netflix change password screen with the

How to change your Netflix password on iOS

  • The process is a bit different if you want to change your password on the iOS version of the Netflix app. When you open the Netflix app, press the Help button at the top right. From there, touch the Password Recovery option. Doing so will open a tab in Safari, where you can follow the same steps listed above.
  • Alternatively, you can press the Sign-in button when you first open the application. Then, click the Recover password button below the Login button.

1-888-303-0868 How to find out who is using your Netflix password:

  • When you log in, go to your activity page.
  • Here you can see what you – and others who are using your account – have been viewing. Is it all in line with what you’ve seen lately, or do some games clearly hit the tastes of others? Collect your clues where you can.
  • This page is also available from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner by clicking on My Account, directly, then, under my profile, Link View Activity View link.
  • From there, click view my recent account access rights.
  • Here you can see the location and IP address of people who have used your account, the exact time they logged in, and the type of device they are using.
  • Netflix lists the country and status of the people that Log in to your account. But if that is not enough information to lead you to your culprit (s), you can take one step further and search for their IP address.
  • If you are still stuck, you may need to change your password