When you try to log in to a website, the error err_name_not_resloved usually occurs. Each time this error occurs, it displays a notification message that says the web page is not available. When this error occurs, you cannot go through this error and arrive at the website. Err_name_not_resloved arises basically due to its DNS address. The Internet DNS address is blocked due to several reasons and therefore this error occurs err_name_not_resloved.

Solutions to fix err_name_not_resloved:

Here are many solutions to fix err_name_not_resloved. Follow the steps below to solve this problem easily.

1. Change your DNS address to Google’s public DNS:

Changing your DNS address with a public DNS address can solve the navigation problem caused by the DNS address. Open the address of your DNS server provided by Google to change it.

  • Touch win + R to open an execution window.
  • Now, type control and click enter
  • After that, tap on the center of networks and shares.
  • Now, select to change the adapter settings found on the left side.
  • Now, connect your computer to the Internet by right-clicking on the connection, then click on properties.
  • Now, choose the item Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4), then touch the properties.
  • Choose to use the following DNS server address. Now, type 8.8.8 for the preferred DNS server and for alternate DNS servers.
  • Now, touch Accept. Check to see that all the problems will be corrected.

2. Clean your browser’s cache and cookies: –

Your browser’s cache and cookies may block your Internet DNS and cause the error err_name_not_resloved. Therefore, keep your browser’s cache and cookies clean to avoid the error. These are the steps to clean browser cookies in Google Chrome:

  • In the address bar, type chrome: // settings / clearBrwoserdata and then touch the Enter button from the keyboard.
  • Now, just look for cookies and other sites and add-on data. After that, touch delete browsing data.
  • Now, all cookies in your browser are clean, you can verify that the error will be fixed.

3. Empty and renew DNS: –

It is a very good idea to empty and renew DNS to correct the error err_name_not_resloved. This method is very easy to operate and easily solves the problem.

  • Touch the start menu or touch the window logo key and then type cmd. After that, form the result, right-click on the command prompt and choose to run as administrator.
  • Type ipconfig / flushdns and press the enter button.
  • Type ipconfig / renew and press the enter button.
  • Type ipconfig / registerdns.
  • Now, close the command prompt and restart your computer. And check if the error is fixed.

4. Check the firewall and security software: –

If you are using a firewall or security software, you can block the network connection or browser and create the DNS blocking problem. Then, just go and verify the configuration of your Firewall and security software. I hope so, you have to unlock your browser and your Internet connection. One thing you can also do is disable your Firewall and security software to verify if the error is corrected.

5. Recycle your router: –

The router may cause the error, so try turning the router off and on to troubleshoot. These are the steps to restart your router:

  • First, turn off your router completely and disconnect the power cable from your router.
  • Now, keep it up for a few moments.
  • After that, plug the cable back in and turn on the router.
  • Now, check if the problem is resolved.
  • You can apply this setting on your browser or computer that will definitely work for you.