Disable Pop up Blocker

Surfing has become simpler after the introduction of various web browsers. However, there is one feature of the internet that can damage a user’s browsing experience that is, pop-ups. This minuscule feature may not damage the user’s device but may make the user angry with his or her sudden appearance on the screen.

Fortunately, all current browsers offer the function of pop-up blockers that helps prevent ads from appearing on the screen while the user visits a certain web page. In addition, there are a few users that have a default setting to block pop-ups. However, there are a few users who may occasionally need to remove the pop-up blocker to launch the login screen or access any information that appears in the new window. In addition, to help users looking for procedures regarding how to remove the blocker pop up here, they will be provided with detailed steps that one can follow to disable the pop-up blocker functions in various browsers.

Steps to Disable the Pop-up Blocker in Different Browsers

Well, the procedure to disable the pop-up blocker is simple. The user is required to follow only the instructions provided and remove the pop-up blocker.

  1. How to Disable Pop up Blocker in Chrome (Windows)

In general, Chrome notifies the user when a pop-up is blocked and offers an option to view. The user needs to click on the view option and follow the steps provided:

  • Launch your Google Chrome browser.
  • Touch Customize and control the Google Chrome menu in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the left “Privacy and security option”.
  • Now, the user is required to click on the “Site configuration” option.
  • Go ahead and click on the “Pop-ups and redirects” button.
  • First, clear the Lock (recommended) box.
  • After that, there is an option to add a site.
  • In this option, you can block a particular site and you can enable a particular site.
  1. How to remove Pop up Blocker in Firefox (Windows)
  • Initially, the user is required to click on the Menu option in the upper corner.
  • Then, click on the Configuration option and click on the Security and Privacy option.
  • Additionally, to remove the pop-up blocker, the user will need to clear the block pop-up box under the Permissions.
  • For a particular pop-up, click Exceptions and provide the URL and click OK.
  1. How to remove Pop up Blocker from Internet Explorer (Windows IE 8 and earlier)
  • Navigate to the Tools option.
  • Now, click on the Pop-up blocker option.
  • Next, the user needs to disable the pop-up blocker.
  1. How to Disable Pop up Blocker in Internet Explorer (Windows IE 9 and higher)
  • Click on the internet options then click on the gear option.
  • Now, select the privacy option and clear the enabled pop-up blocker.
  • Next, to allow pop-ups for a specific site, click on Settings to remove the pop-up.
  • Then click on the OK button.
  1. How to Disable Pop up Blocker on Mac (Safari Browser)
  • Launch the browser and click on the Preferences option.
  • Now, select the Windows option above the window.
  • Then, click on the pop-up option of the window and to delete the blocker option select Allow.
  • And with that, the question of how to disable the pop-up blocker in Safari browser is resolved.
  1. How to Disable Pop up Blocker on Mac (Firefox Browser)
  • Click on the preferences option under the menu section.
  • Navigate to the Privacy and Security option.
  • Now, clear the pop-up blocker option in the permissions section.
  • Then, to allow pop-ups for specific sites, add the URL in the exceptions section and close the window.
  • After that, click on the OK tab.
  • This step will help you how to remove pop up blocker from Firefox.
  1. How to remove Pop up Blocker on Mac (Chrome Browser)
  • First, open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Open the “Customize and control Google Chrome” option in the upper right corner and click on the Settings option.
  • On the left, you will see the “Privacy and Security” option, Click on it.
  • After that go to the “Site Configuration” option.
  • Scroll down and click on “Pop-ups and redirects”.
  • Now, Click on Lock (recommended) and do not dial.
  • After that, manage the particular site according to you.
  • The steps above will help you disable the pop up blocker from Chrome.

Here, these were the detailed procedures on how to disable the popup blocker in all web browsers. If you have any suggestion you can comment below and I’ll add it in the article.