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Delta Airlines is the major US airline headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline is the third oldest airline in the world and also the largest airline in terms of total passengers per day. Delta Airlines has several classes for passengers to choose from such as economy class, first-class, Delta one, and so on. Higher classes offer more comfort and benefits. Passengers can easily upgrade their seats in various ways. If you want to know ways for DELTA AIRLINES UPGRADE, then it has been given below in this blog.

How to get free Delta Airlines upgrade

  1. Buy upgrade: Passengers can purchase an upgrade by paying the upgrade fee and the upper-class fare difference. However, this is subject to availability. The upgrade can be purchased up to 3 hours before the flight departure.
  2. Upgrade by miles: Passengers can also upgrade through the miles they earn. If they have enough miles, they can redeem it. The miles will be deducted from the account and they will be upgraded.
  3. Complimentary upgrades: The Medallion Elite members receive complimentary upgrades depending on their statuses such as gold, diamond, platinum. Complimentary upgrades can be done to Comfort +, Delta One class. Diamond and Platinum Medallion members receive Global and Regional Upgrade certificates allowing them to upgrade on domestic, regional and international flights of Delta and its partner.
  4. Companion upgrades: There are also guidance upgrades where a supervisor traveling with the medallion member can get the same status as them. However, the supervisor must be a SkyMiles member. Guidance upgrades can be done on paid tickets, cash cards, and gift cards.

How to do DELTA AIRLINES UPGRADE in 3 easy steps:


  • Visit the Delta website.
  • Select the ‘My Trip’ tab.
  • Enter confirmation number, last name, and first name.
  • Your travel plan data will open.
  • Select the upgrade option.
  • Choose the class you want to upgrade to.
  • Pay the amount.
  • You will receive a new ticket with an upgrade.


Passengers can also call the airline reservation center or customer center and request them to upgrade their seats. All they need is to make the payment and the executive will confirm the upgrade and you will receive a confirmation email instantly.

At the airport

  • The passenger can also upgrade their seats at the airport during check-in.
  • If passengers want or doubt another detail about DELTA AIRLINES UPGRADE, they can contact the airline customer support and seek assistance from performers.

Delta Airlines Manage my Booking

There can be a situation with anyone where they have no idea if a situation out of control makes their way through them and these conditions can directly or indirectly affect passengers’ travel. That, to help the passengers, Delta Airlines arrived to manage my booking option.

Things can be done through Delta Airlines Manage Booking

  • Check your Delta Airlines flight booking.
  • Edit, cancel or book a flight.
  • Ask for special requirements for the reservations made
  • Instructions for adding or removing some ingredients from a meal or drink.
  • Easy cancellations against reservations.
  • Upgrade the reservations.
  • Buy additional data to use wifi
  • Buy extra luggage space.

And there are many other tasks that can be performed by Delta Airlines manage booking option. This option is easily found on the official Delta Airlines website. Now, if you are thinking about how to use this option, you can follow the steps below to provide your answers.

Learn How Delta Airlines Manage Booking works:

  • Open any of your favorite browsers or you can use your phone also and go to the official website of Delta Airlines and login with your account details.
  • Tap the “Manage my reservation” option at the top of the page and touch “Next.”
  • A new screen will appear for you where you are required to enter the booking or reservation number and last name and tap “Next”.
  • Find the corresponding booking and tap on the ‘Edit Booking’ option. Perform the required activity and then tap “Confirm”.
  • The confirmation of changes or cancellations will be emailed to you via email you entered at the time of booking.
Support Number + 1-888-596-1929

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