Create Google Drive Account

Google Drive is a very useful option on the Internet, it allows you to do cloud computing very easily, let’s find out how to create a Google Drive account with Gmail in this post but before that let’s first understand how to use Google Drive like a pro.

How to Use Google Drive Account?

  • The biggest advantage of cloud computing is that there is no need to keep your computer, mobile, tablet, and laptop with you at all times, you can get your files to any part of the world through the internet/cloud computing.
  • We will elaborate the simple ways to create Google Drive account in the post below but to use Google drive, you first need to download the app on your computers, mobiles other than laptops, tablets in Android, so that Google Drive can be used in your mobile and tablet as well. You can download Google Drive from Google Play store which is easy and it’s absolutely free
  • You can upload your files to Google Drive even without downloading them, but they cannot be used in case of no internet access, so be sure to download Google Drive, so that they can be used in case of non-internet access. can go.
  • Download Google Drive on mobile, tablet, or computer and open it with the same email account from which you first installed Google Drive, when you open the same account on all your devices, you will get your files at one place.

How to Create a Google Drive Account with Gmail

  • To use Google Drive, you need to have an email ID on Gmail, now you can open the Google Drive account by clicking here or type in your browser
  • Here you have to enter your email id and password.
  • Now your Google Drive account will open.
  • Here you will see the button for Download Google Drive for computer
  • On clicking the download button, a small application of 800 kb named “Googledrivesync” will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Install it by double-clicking with the mouse, in about 20-25 seconds Google Drive will be downloaded and installed on your computer, and the Google Drive folder will be created on your computer desktop.
  • With this process, your Google Drive is ready to be used, now just save whatever you want in Google Drive, just copy it in this folder and that data will be automatically saved online in no time. Whatever file will be saved or uploaded to Google Drive, it will get a green tick.

This is done by installing Google Drive on your computer and once you create the Google Drive account, you can now use it from any device, if you are not on your computer.

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