How to Change PayPal Password

PayPal Account Recovery

Guide To Recover & Change Password Of A PayPal Account

PayPal applications are quite famous all around the world for their easy and safe online financial services. They allow you to make payments for online purchases via secure connections and also link your multiple bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards to make direct payments via them. You can also switch your payment methods via making your purchases online however, you may need to go through password authentication for a couple of times.

Now the password authentication is a crucial step as all of your funds and other valuable details security is ensured by one password. This is the reason that you must keep your password in check and change PayPal password on a regular basis to ensure your account’s security.

Moreover, if you have forgotten or lost your PayPal password then you know the consequences, you won’t be able to use your PayPal services anymore, for starters. However, you do not need to worry as there are simple steps available for PayPal account recovery all you need to do is to understand them. Here’s how.

  • Quick Steps To Recover PayPal Password
  • Follow the PayPal account recovery steps mentioned below to get your account working back on.
  • Head over to the PayPal login page in your web browser and click on the having trouble logging in link
  • Enter the email address linked with your PayPal account and select the next button
  • Now choose either of the following options to reset your PayPal password
  • Receive an email
  • Answer your security question
  • Confirm through Facebook messenger
  • If you choose to email or Facebook Messenger recovery option then you’ll receive a 6-digit code on the chosen option.
  • Here, you’ll need to enter the received code in the relevant field and then enter a new password twice for your PayPal account
  • However, if you opt for Security Questions then you’ll have to enter the exact answer to process with the password reset process

In case, if you face any issue with the PayPal account recovery steps then you must contact technical support to get assistance.

PayPal Password Change

Quick Steps To Paypal Change My Password Account iPhone Or Any Other Device

  • Follow the steps mentioned below to change the PayPal password in any of your devices via using the email address.
  • Head over to the official website of PayPal in your iPhone or any other Smartphone’s web browser and get access to your account
  • Select your Profile icon on the top of the page and hit the Password section and then click on the Change tab.
  • Now go through the password authentication via using email and then enter the code received
  • Finally, enter a new password for your account and complete the process
  • Furthermore, you can contact technical support for any assistance on account recovery or change PayPal password by the experts.