Change Gmail Username

If you want to change the Username of your Gmail account, then you can easily do it by looking at the steps given below. As you know Gmail is Google’s email hosting service which is used to send and receive an email to/ from anyone, and if you do not have your email account in Gmail then you can create Gmail account (Google account) to explore the wide range of services offered by Google like Hangout, Google Photos, YouTube, etc.

And if you have a Gmail account and you always keep fearing that if someone hacks your Gmail account, then you can secure your Gmail account with 2 step verification, so that no one can ever try to hack your Gmail (Google) account.

Steps to Change Gmail Username in Mobile & Computer

If you want to change your Gmail’s Username, you can use your mobile or you can also follow the same steps for your computer as well:

Step 1. Open My account on Google.

Step 2. Login with your Gmail id and password

Step 3. Click on the personal info box in the right corner of the screen.

Step 4. Then you will see your username there and next you have to click on it.

Step 5. You will find a pencil icon next to your username, you have to click on it as you can see in the image below in the green box.

Step 6. Then you have to enter your First Name and Last Name, whatever you want to keep, and then click on Done as you can see in the image below.

Step 7. Congratulation! Your Gmail username has been changed successfully.