Can’t Access Google Drive

Google drive is playing a very essential role all over the world because it has become the most essential service where users can keep their videos, photos, files, documents, and much more. But, sometimes, users face lots of trouble with Google Driver so if you are one of them and can’t access google drive so don’t worry about it because here you will get complete solutions with very short techniques.

6 Methods to Fix Can’t/Unable to Access Google Drive Document

Just follow the below-given method to fix can’t access Google Drive files and documents:

Method 1: Check your Internet connection:

If you are getting ‘Trying to Connect Error’ on the display screen and after then, file or document is loading or not responding so it might be the internet connection issue or speed problem so just check the wireless or wired connection and provide the better speed as well as network signals but after proving excellent class speed, if your unable to access document google drive so just see another resolving method.

Method 2: Update or Check the Browser Version:

Google drive is very sensitive because it has made through complex and critical coding by an experienced developer and it’s only open on the web browser or UPI application so before entering Google drive, you have checked your browser if that is not updated so go for the official website of the browser and update that.

Method 3: Clean Browser Cache & Cookies:

This is the major problem when your Google drive doesn’t respond well because due to heavy cache and bad cookies so just clear all if you don’t know about the removing method of Cache & Cookies so just see the below presented steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Just tap on three vertical dots. (Situated upper right corner)
  • Now, press the Settings from the list.
  • Scroll down and select the Clear browsing data option.
  • Select All time and checkbox on cookies and cache.
  • Finally, press the Clear Data button.

Therefore, your cache and cookies will remove and now you can easily access Google drive but if you have applied above-presented steps and can’t access google drive so don’t panic about it, just see another method.

Method 4: Reduce the size of the document or file:

Sometimes, users submit heavy documents such as books, large pdf, assignments, or other similar files. So, it takes much more time and maximum it generates issue so if you are getting the same problem so just reduce the size of the file, and then you can store on the google drive.

Method 5: Check Google drive storage:

Google drive is absolutely free but it gives only 15 GB storage capacity after then, you have to buy the storage. If you don’t know how to upgrade the storage of Google Drive so just follow the below instruction.

  • Just visit Google drive via any web browser.
  • Sign-in Google drive and tap on the storage.
  • Check the storage and press the Buy Storage button.
  • Select any plan and hit on the recommended plan.
  • Choose the payment option and make payment of the total amount.

Moreover, users can easily access after upgrading the storage space but after all, if again you are unable to access document google drive so just see another solution.

Method 6: Restart your computer:

This is the primary solution for any online or offline software and services. You have to restart your laptop or desktop after applying above-presented any method and after restarting you have to access the Google drive.