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How to Make Asiana Airlines Online Check-in, well basically one can make easy check-in with these airlines as it provides 5 different ways which are quick and easy. Based in Seoul, Asiana Airlines is the second-largest airline in South Korea, known for offering regular and cargo services to its customers. In addition, to ensure that customers travel comfortably, the airline has introduced multiple services on board that one can easily take advantage of when booking reservations with the airline.

Have you made Asiana Airlines reservations and are looking for ways to know how to make online check-in? If so, we are here to help you by giving you all the details about the different ways to register and get a boarding pass without problems:

How to Do Asiana Airlines Online Check-in

1. From the official Asiana Airlines website

You can register on your computer for up to 24 hours before departure. Then select the “Register” option or go to “MY TRIPS” in your Asiana account. You must enter your confirmation number or SkyMiles number to access your itinerary. Now, you can print your boarding pass to get an eBoard card on your device. Online check-in speeds up your process by offering you the option to register and print your boarding pass directly from your computer. The airline will also send the electronic boarding pass to your email.

2. Fly with the Asiana app

Download and open the Fly Asiana application. You can register as a guest or login or register to get a Skymiles account. From there, you can access your trips by adding your trip confirmation number. You will be automatically registered 24 hours before your Asiana Airlines flights when you log in. Then you will see and print your boarding pass.

3. Airport kiosk

If you did not have a Fly Asiana application, you can use the Asiana airport kiosk to quickly register on your flight or print your boarding pass. When you arrive, follow the instructions at the kiosk to enter your confirmation number to access your trip and print your boarding pass.

4. Curbside Airport

If you want to check-in as soon as possible at the airport, look for an Asiana Curbside counter located at the passenger delivery location. You can register between 30 minutes and 4 hours before the scheduled departure time. You can check-in your luggage directly and if you carry large luggage, you may have to carry it inside a large luggage area. You will need your photo ID and the reservation code of your flights, the destination number of your flight to register.

5. Registration at the ticket counter

You can check-in for your Asiana Airlines flights at the airport ticket counter 30 minutes to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time and receive a printed boarding pass. You can also check luggage, pay baggage fees, change or select your seat at the counter.

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