Appleid.Apple.Com Reset Password

Your Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services, such as App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage and more. Although this ID looks like a simple username and password, its integration with the Apple ecosystem is much deeper.

While you may hear the terms of iCloud and Apple ID used, they are technically the same. What happens when you forget your Apple ID password? Fortunately, there is no need to panic. We will show you some ways to reset the password associated with your Apple ID.

If you have two factors authentication enabled

These days, it seems that every website you visit tries to encourage you to use two-factor authentication. With 2FA, you can access your account only through devices you trust, such as your iPhone.

When you log in to a new device for the first time, it requires two details: your password and the six-digit verification code shown on your trusted device.

Reset your iCloud password on an iPhone or iPad

  • Before continuing, make sure your device has iOS 10 or later. Then open the Settings application. Touch [Your name]> Password and security, then Change password.
  • Then, enter the password you use to unlock your device. On the Change password screen that appears, enter a new password in both fields and touch Change.
  • You can now enter this new Apple ID password on all other devices.

Reset your password on a Mac

  • Go to the Apple menu> System Preferences, then click on iCloud.
  • Here, click Account Details.
  • In the resulting window, open the Security tab.
  • Now click on the Change password button. You must enter the password for your Mac administrator account. In the resulting box, enter a new password and re-enter it in the Verify field.
  • Once you are satisfied, click Change. You have successfully reset your iCloud password and can use it on your other devices.

Reset your AppleID.Apple password on the website

  • Go to the Apple iForgot website. Enter your Apple ID and click Continue.
  • Enter the phone number you use with your Apple ID. Click Continue again. Now a message will appear with instructions on all your trusted devices. Click or tap Allow on the Reset password message.
  • Enter your iOS password or macOS administrator password and click Continue. Then enter your new password and then re-enter it in the Verify field. Click Change or touch Next. Just reset your password.

Reset your iCloud password through the Find My iPhone application

This method works by using the Search My iPhone application on a device not associated with your Apple ID account. You should borrow the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from a friend or family member and follow these steps.

  • Open the Find my iPhone application. When a login screen appears, delete the owner’s Apple ID details. If necessary, click or tap Log out.
  • On the login screen, select Forgot my Apple ID or Password, then follow the steps on the screen. Once you have changed your password, don’t forget to log out of the owner’s device.
  • You can now re-enter your iCloud password on your other devices. Speaking of Find My iPhone, make sure you know how to locate your iPhone if it is lost.

Reset your iCloud password with two-step verification enabled

To reset a protected Apple ID with two-step verification, you must have a recovery key and a trusted device or phone number. Then follow these steps:

  • Go to the Apple iForgot website.
  • Enter your Apple ID and click Continue.
  • Select the option to reset your password and press Continue again.
  • Enter your recovery code and choose Continue once more. This is a 14 character long generated code when you configure the verification in two steps.
  • Then, select a reliable device to receive a confirmation code.
  • Enter the confirmation code.
  • Select a new password, then click Reset password.

How to reset an iCloud account with password only

Forgot your iCloud password and do not use two-step or two-factor authentication in your Apple ID account? You can still reset your password using the Apple iForgot website. Because you don’t have any of these additional security measures, you can reset your password by email or with security questions, if you still have them set.

After resetting your password, you should seriously consider adding additional security to your Apple account. There is no reason to use only password protection when two-factor authentication provides much greater security.