Apple ID Password not Working on iPhone, iPad, Macbook

Why do we need an Apple id? Apple id itself stores all your relevant and important information which you may need on one and another day. Apple Id is considered the most reliable and authentic store of data and an important source to access multiple functions of your phone especially the App Store and iTunes, hence if Apple id stops working your life will become stagnant.

When the Apple id stops working it’s usually due to the Apple server issue, or someone else has changed your Apple ID password without keeping you in a note, but no need to worry, numerous methods can assist you to resolve such issues, Here we are discussing the different modes through with you can secure and fix your Apple Id password if it stops working.

Apple account id password not working on iPhone

The invention of mobile phones has changed the life of the user in such a way that we usually do our small and large work on the phone themselves, what if your Does Apple Id Password stop working on iPhone? What all necessary steps you should follow to make sure that it works well and all accurate:-

  1. First of all, you have to open the “Find My application on iPhone”.
  2. Then afterward, at the time of starting the application, you will see one sign in Interface.
  3. Now click on Forget Password, and enter your new iPhone password.
  4. Once you get the Confirmation of Password, you will be asked to enter the new password.
  5. Type and enter the new password which should be strong enough (you can write the new password at some secure area) and then Tap on “Change”.
  6. By doing the above method, you can successfully reset your Apple ID password.

Apple id password not working on iPad

After discussing to fix password on iPhone, we are explaining to you now different methods if you can lose your iPad password and looking assistance for the same, follow the steps mentioned below to fix the Apple Id password not working on the iPad:-

  1. If you have forgotten your Apple Id and it not working on iPad, then go to the Apple Id account page and click on Forget Apple Is Password
  2. Now enter your Apple Id, followed by selecting the method to rest the password, and click on continue
  3. Now you have to enter the recovery key of 2 steps authentication verification
  4. Now you will a verification code on your trusted email or device
  5. You all now need to enter the verification code
  6. Now click on change password and enter the new password and save all the changes you have made

Apple id password not working on Macbook

Follow the steps mentioned below if your Apple Id password not working on the Mac book:-

  1. On your Mac, choose the Apple menu
  2. Then Restart again
  3. or else press the Power button on your computer and then click Restart.
  4. Now you have to Click on your user account, click on the question mark in the password field,  and then on the arrow next to “reset it using your Apple ID”.
  5. Now you have to Enter an Apple ID and password, then Click Next, save all the changes you have made.

At any point, if you are facing an issue if your Apple Id is not working on iPhone, Mac, or iPad then you can follow some of the easy and quick steps mentioned above, or else you can comment below for further help or information.