How To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Not Showing Email Error

AOL desktop gold is a great feature that helps users in accessing their emails, searching the content and this is also helpful for browsing purposes. AOL desktop gold is considered the best web interface among all the web interfaces available. So, what if AOL desktop gold not showing emails? Before that, you can note down the prerequisite before you start AOL desktop gold not receiving emails.

  • You should check your OS and make sure that it has the latest updates installed successfully.
  • You also need to ensure that your system doesn’t have any program installed on it that is conflicting in nature with AOL desktop gold.
  • Clean your PC and make sure there are no junk files in the temporary folders of your system.
  • Make sure you have a valid subscription available for your AOL Desktop Gold.

Instructions For Fix AOL Desktop Gold Not Showing Email Error

You can follow the below steps to fix AOL desktop gold not showing emails problem.

If you already have AOL Advantage Plan Membership

  1. First, you need to open your browser and g to
  2. Then you need to login to your Account under Sign-in option.
  3. Take your mouse on “All Products” scroll down and click on” AOL Desktop Gold”
  4. Now, you see a “Download Now” option. You need to click on it.
  5. Now you can easily follow the on-screen instruction and install Desktop Gold.

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Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold

You can follow the below steps to upgrade to a premium subscription from the trial version of AOL Desktop Gold Download.

  1. First, sign in to your AOL Account.
  2. After that click on “Manage My Subscription”.
  3. Then select ” Premium Subscription “.
  4. After that, you need to check under AOL Desktop Gold and click on “Get Started”.
  5. Follow further on-screen instruction to complete the installation process.

Install AOL Desktop Gold

Now, you can follow the below steps to install AOL Desktop Gold Already Downloaded on your system to solve the AOL desktop gold not showing email

  1. First, open your Download folder. Now to open the download list you need to “Ctrl ” +“J” on your keyboard if you are on the browser.
  2. Check for Desktop Gold Installer file and then double click to RUN it.
  3. Click on Install Now.
  4. Follow further on-screen instruction on Installer Window and you will successfully install AOL Desktop Gold.

This is how to fix AOL desktop gold not showing emails issue.