AOL Desktop Gold Not Working & Responding Error

AOL Gold is an awesome software application that was developed by the AOL team. As the previous AOL had stopped working since last year, but the team coordinates with its regular customer before upgrading AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold and also provides the feature of the new AOL Desktop Gold.

AOL Desktop Gold Stopped Working?

What are the solutions if AOL Desktop Gold stopped working?

We have suggested some ways that help the user solve all AOL desktop gold problems:

There are some minimum system requirements for which the user can run the software on the user’s computer. First, users have to download and install AOL Desktop Gold on users’ computers. The user must verify whether the user’s system meets the essential system requirements or not. The user must also verify the user’s computer settings.

AOL Desktop Gold Support Number

The user always uses the current software, which is updated as now. If the user’s software is outdated, then it creates problems when the user uses the software on the user’s computer.

If viruses or Trojans attack users’ computers, the files responsible for AOL desktop software are also corrupted. The software may stop working on the user’s computer, but the user must follow these steps below:

1. Go to the control panel

2. Select the AOL gold software and right-click. the user sees the option install/uninstall

3. Select the uninstall option

4. Restart the user’s computer

5. Go to the AOL website and download the latest software on the user’s computer

6. Install the software following the terms and conditions and use it.

Some of the common issues or problems with desktop gold are mentioned below to get help reach on AOL desktop gold support phone number for instant support & quick Resolution in desktop gold errors.

AOL Desktop Gold Not Showing Emails

To run AOL Desktop Gold on the user’s computer, the user must have enough RAM space present on the user’s computer. Insufficient RAM space in the user network may fail to run the software on the user’s computer. Then, before installing the software, the user must adjust to the RAM space. If it is full, the user follows the steps below: –

Go to the control panel. Uninstall the unwanted software on the user’s computer. The user can also increase by buying additional chips.

Sometimes, the firewall can block AOL desktop gold from users when the user does not comply with its terms and conditions. The user must disable the firewall and restart the software again on the user’s computer.

AOL Desktop Gold Not Working

What steps can we take if the AOL Desktop Gold icon not starting the software?

If the question also hangs over users’ minds, start with the basic DIY steps to solve the AOL problem of users that not responding!

The list of things that the user can try to solve ‘The AOL Desktop Gold icon not opening, the problem includes:

The AOL Desktop Gold software is designed for a computer or PC. Once the user installs the software on the system, double-click on its icon to start AOL Gold. In case Desktop Gold not working, opens or not responding, it means that the software is vulnerable to one of the following causes mentioned.

Restart the system: In case the users’ AOL Desktop Gold not working, restart the system!

For this, users have to save and close all files and programs running in the user’s system.

Then, click on the “restart” button in the start menu, or press the ALT + F4 key completely and select the “Restart” option.

With this quick system restart action, the internal memory called RAM that also provides space for downloading Desktop Gold is erased and then executed from its shortcut icon.

AOL Desktop Gold For Mac Not Working

In case AOL not working today (that is, the problem has suddenly arisen, then go to the next troubleshooting steps).

Check network connection

If a customer uses a weak or unstable Internet connection for AOL, the problem: AOL Desktop Gold for mac that not working will not disappear.

Update the AOL software

When AOL Desktop Gold not responding, it means that users have obsolete AOL software. Usually, the software is updated automatically, however, the user can still do it manually (if AOL is not updated).

Apart from this, if users are still stuck with the previous version, it is time to update the software and start with the new AOL Desktop Gold software.

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