Android App Not Opening

It is a rare problem that Android users face issues such as Android App Not Opening, crashes or not responding when trying to start an application on your Android devices. Sometimes, it also happens that we try to open the application and it takes time to load it, but it does not run without problems. In this article, we will discuss different fixes for Android App not opening error:

What is the reason for Android App Not Opening error:

If you use the Android device and face a problem, that Android App Not Opening. Then you have a question in your mind of what the reason will be. In this generation, most people use a smartphone for everything. In this smartphone, it stores all the important information such as documents, photos, videos, calendars, emails, audio files, etc. It consumes phone spaces and the shortage of spaces causes Android App Not Opening problem.

· To verify how much storage, space all applications occupy, go to settings and select the application manager.

· Another reason could be a data lock that causes the application to crash. It may occur due to a low Internet connection or other background interruptions.

The solutions to fix Android App Not Opening:

These are the steps to fix Android App Not Opening problem:

1. Always update the applications:

Always keep your Android software or Android device updated. You can also check the available updates on Google Play Store. If you find an update, install it quickly.

Follow the steps below to fix Android App Not Opening error:

· Go to Google Play Store on your Android device.

· Select my applications and games from the main menu.

· A new page opens, showing all updates, and there is an option to update all in the upper right corner. Click on it to update all applications.

· When applications are updated, close all applications and the tab that is running in the background.

· Now, try to open the application and check if the applications work or not.

2. Stop the application with force:

When the Android App Not Opening, close it forcefully. It is a good idea to close the application completely which helps to stop all the background operation of all the applications which are running in the background, it will force stop all such apps immediately.

This is a simple way, follow the steps below to perform force stop apps:

· Go to the settings on your Android device.

· Now, press on applications to see a list of all applications on your Android phone.

· Choose the application that will not open.

· Press on force stop.

· Now, you can check if the applications are open or not.

3. Clear the cache and application data:

It is one of the best-recommended ways to solve the problem of Android App Not Opening. Follow these simple steps below:

· Go to settings and select applications.

· Now, press on applications to see a list of all applications on your Android phone.

· Now, click on clear cache and data directly or storage.

· Android device updates: –

· Go to the settings and scroll down.

· Press on the phone.

· Click on system updates.

· Now, check if the applications work or not.

4. Restart your Android device:

Sometimes restarting the phone can solve the problems. These are the steps to restart your Android device:

· Press the power button for a moment.

· Touch restart.

· Now, your Android phone restarts in a few seconds and you can check if the applications work or not.

How to Fix Android App Not Working on Windows/PC

  • Restart your Windows 10 device:

Most of the time, a simple clear boot has resolved that the Android App Not Opening problem. A clear startup ensures that no application or startup service is hostile to the application that does not respond. These are the steps to clear the boot in Windows 10:

· Click the Windows + R keys and type MSConfig in the Run dialog box to open the system configuration window.

· Now, go to services> hide all Microsoft services> disable all> Accept.

· After that, click on the ctrl + shift + Esc keys on your keyboard to open the Windows task manager and go to the start

· Click on each application and select disable to disable all these applications.

· After that, restart the PC and check if the application responds or not.

  • Verify the agreement of the application:

In the event that some of the great applications, such as a video game application or a video editing application, may match the application. Go to the official page of the application and see the compatibility details. After that, match the application requirements with the specifications of your PC.

  • Close all other programs:

Close all other programs to ensure that no other applications conflict or consume PC resources. Check the taskbar and always make sure that no other program is open. After that, click Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Windows task manager. Go to the processes to make sure that no required applications are running.

  • Run the SFC scan:

Here you will find that some corrupted system files may be forcing the Android App Not Opening. You can do one thing, run the SFC (system file checker) scan to see if system files are missing or damaged and correct them automatically. Right-click on the start menu icon and select the command prompt from the list to run the SFC.

Enter the SFC /scan command now at the command prompt and press enter. The scan will run and automatically fix the problems. This process takes at least 12–15 minutes.

  • Scan for viruses:

A malware or virus can also stop the application response. Therefore, scan your PC with antivirus to make sure there are no viruses affecting the application. Install the application and run a full system scan to get rid of the virus from your system.

  • Reset cache:

Reset the cache to solve problems with the window store. Right-click on the start menu icon and select command prompt. And type wereset.exe and press enter.

  • Reinstall the application:

It is possible to reinstall the application without removing any important data. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application can solve many configuration problems and make the application respond again.


So these are some of the most recommended possible ways to fix Android App not opening error. If you still not finding the solution, then you should connect with the experts over call to get the solution right away.