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Air Canada is Canada’s national flag carrier and the largest air carrier by passenger and fleet size. The airline has earned a good reputation in the aviation industry due to its wide customer base and immense respect for passengers. Air Canada charges a different fee for each type of ticket. Let’s check the amount the passenger has to pay to change the flight.

What is Air Canada Change Flight Fee:

1. Basic Economy Ticket: This ticket may not be modified or canceled after 24 hours of booking. These types of tickets are non-refundable and the airline does not guarantee any future travel loans.

2. Standard Tickets: You can change your standard ticket for $ 100 within 60 days of departure. If you make changes outside 60 days of departure, then the change fee is $ 50. Replacing an airport in one day will cost between $ 100 and $ 150, depending on the itinerary. If you cancel your ticket, you will not receive any refund for these types of tickets.

3. Flex tickets: You must pay $ 50 within 60 days of departure to replace the flexible ticket. however, changes beyond 60 days of departure will only cost $ 25. Replacing the flight for one day will cost $ 75, which is to be paid at the airport. Flex tickets are non-refundable, so you will not have a refund after cancellation. Check out Air Canada’s flight deals for your next trip.

4. Comfort Tickets: The only amount to change your cheap ticket within 60 days of departure is $ 25. If you wish to change your flight outside 60 days of departure, there will be no additional charge. You need to pay $ 75 at the airport to change your departure day to the same day. These tickets are non-refundable; in some cases, you may receive future travel credit.

5. Latitude maps: Air Canada airlines do not charge any flight change fees for Latitude tickets. The difference in the ticket is applied based on your new ticket price. The ticket will include a one-day flight change fee. These tickets are refundable and the refund will be made in the same payment source used for the booking.

6. Premium Economy: Premium Economy cards come in two types as Flexible and Lowest. To replace flexible fares, airlines do not charge any additional fees other than the price difference. A minimum fee of $ 50 is payable for the minimum entry ticket for the premium. For flexible tickets, the ticket price for the same day is included in the ticket price. For the lowest fares, however, there will be a $ 75 one-day flight change fee. These tickets can be canceled and you can refund the full amount paid.

7. Business Class: Flight change fee does not apply to business class flexible tickets, except for the difference in the ticket price. Similar is the case with tickets in the lowest business class for a $ 50 flight change. The cost of a one-day flight will be included in the price of your low and low fare. These tickets can be refunded and can be resumed free of charge upon cancellation of the flight.

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