Add Signature to PDF

This guide will help you to know how to Add Signature to PDF Using Mac, basically, you have 2 different ways to do so.

To add signature on PDF on a Mac can be a bit tricky than you would imagine if you were used to standard word documents or text files. Fortunately, macOS has several methods that allow you to add a signature to a PDF, all using the tool instead of asking you to download a specific application. When you get a PDF file through the post you need to sign, the print file procedure, signing a dotted line, scanning the file, and then returning can be a bit monotonous. Fortunately, Apple has introduced this feature to electronically sign PDF files through Preview, a feature available on all Macs running OS X Lion or further. Procedures including signing documents on Mac through Preview will save you time when you have multiple files, forms, contracts, or paperwork. If you think the virtual sign will see a disaster, however, you can make a mark through the trackpad or hold the paper mark on the built-in Mac iSight camera.

If you would like to take advantage of this feature, then this post may be useful to you. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to add signature to PDF on Mac.

Add Signature to PDF on MAC

How to Add Signature to PDF with Trackpad via Preview

Mac’s built-in Preview app is a great tool for editing a few different files and is also ideal to add signature to PDF. It provides a variety of methods for signing PDFs via the Mac network.

If you would like to sign PDFs with Trackpad through Preview, then you can follow the steps provided:

  • Launch PDF files in preview.
  • Tap on the Show Markup Toolbar option.
  • Select Signature.
  • Select Click here to get started.
  • Draw a tag with a laptop pad.
  • Press the Done option.
  • Tap on the created signature and drag it to the file that requires it.
  • Press far to save it in its place.

How to Add Signature to PDF With Camera Through Preview

If you don’t want to use the trackpad to draw signatures, then you can use the built-in Mac camera to add signature on PDF. It’s the same procedure through the trackpad but with some major differences.

If you want to sign PDFs with Camera through Preview, then follow the steps provided:

  • Launch PDF files in Preview.
  • Tap on the Show Markup Toolbar option.
  • Select Signature.
  • Select the Camera option.
  • Draw a mark on the paper and hold it in front of the camera and the blue line.
  • Hold the paper for a while until Mac reads the paper correctly.
  • When the image appears, tap Done to save the signature.
  • Tap Signature again and then select a signature.
  • Drag it to the required document.
  • Tap far away to save it in that place.

If you use the trackpad to add signature to PDF, it’s important to focus on Preview and move slowly with your finger to get better results. To be exact, you can use the iPad or iPhone stylus mostly with good tips to draw signatures on the trackpad.


Signing a paper, then holding it in front of the camera, is an easy way to preview. However, this process does not always work to provide better results. These flags will be clearly reversed as you hold it in front of your Mac camera, but Preview will read them normally from left to right. Hopefully, this guide helped you to add signature to PDF using Mac.